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Google Pixel 7 128gb Brand new


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About this Device

  • Incredibly sharp 6.3-inch FHD+ display with rich and vivid colours, is fast and responsive to give you smooth scrolling and switching between apps
  • Google Tensor G2 allows for fast and efficient processing and delivers features that help you with your day-to-day
  • 128GB of built-in storage capacity provides plenty of space for your contacts, photos, games, and more
  • Fast and powerful search capability quickly finds what you need from your entire phone or from the web
  • 3D wallpaper brings depth and motion to your home screen. The photo you choose as wallpaper will appear like its leaping off your screen
  • Adaptive brightness adjusts to surrounding light: Increases the brightness in daylight, and automatically dims in the dark
  • Adaptive battery charges fast and powers your device for over 24 hours. Turn on Extreme Battery Saver to extend battery life up to 72 hours

Helpful tools right in your pocket

  • At a Glance feature shows you all the relevant info you need at the right time, like your upcoming event or boarding passes at the airport
  • Assistant voice typing lets you write, edit and send texts and emails. Fast and accurate it even works with emojis (not available in all languages)
  • Hands-free voice command lets you answer a call or stop an alarm, without needing to say “Hey Google”
  • Use Live Translate to translate languages in real time. Interpret face-to-face conversations in 48 languages, chat in real time, and translate menus with your camera
  • Avoid unwanted calls with Call Screen. Let Google Assistant pick up unknown callers to find out who’s calling and why, so you can decide whether to answer the call personally
  • Google Assistant can wait on the line for you if you’re put on hold, and notifies you once a customer support agent is ready to talk
  • Feature Drops generally send your device software updates with new and improved features, tricks, and tips
  • Personal Safety app looks out for you. It automatically calls for help, share your location or record a video during an emergency (Features are dependent upon network connectivity and other factors)
  • Understand what affects your sleep, like coughing and snoring, as well as how much you use your phone during bedtime (Not intended for medical use)

Capture stunning photos and videos

  • Advanced Camera allows you to capture photos and videos in incredible colour and stunnning detail
  • 10-bit HDR video recording gives you bright and vibrant videos with high contrast, to capture dramatic moments and epic shots
  • Cinematic Blur keeps your subject in focus and blurs the background for that cinematic effect
  • Super Res Zoom gives super sharp close-up that’s equivalent to 2x optical zoom, without using an extra telephoto lens
  • Real Tone helps represent the nuances of more skin tones beautifully and accurately in photos, videos, and video calls
  • Guide Frame assists people with low vision to take the best selfies through audio and haptics
  • Magic eraser easily removes distractions and photobombers, or lets you change the colour and brightness to blend unwanted objects right in

Security and privacy made simple

  • Google Tensor G2 and certified Titan M2 security chip offer multiple layers of security to keep your personal info safe
  • Five years of security updates ensure your sensitive data have the right protection over a long period time
  • Unlock your phone easily with a quick glance or tap with Face Unlock and Fingerprint Unlock
  • Set all security controls in one place. Security hub helps protect your phone, account, and passwords

Beautiful and sophisticated design

  • Sleek and beautiful design is crafted with matte aluminum and recycled materials
  • Constructed with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and IP68 protection to handle water and dust


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